Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ballarat Quilter's with entries in Vic Quilter's Showcase 2011, some of them!

It was great to walk into Vic quilter's showcase and see so many member's quilts hanging.  It is a great achievement to have a quilt entered and 2 members achieved highly commended for their quilts.  Well done to all and congratulations to Neil and Suzanne!  Unfortunately I don't have photo's of Neil's or Suzanne's quilts. Sorry, but my camera batteries died!  I am just as disappointed as you, so hopefully one of our members will help out, please?

Here is the first quilt
This is Janice's lovely Japanese inspired quilt!  At the right side you can just catch a glimpse of Suzanne's eagle.

This is Jenny's miniature quilt which drew upon inspiration from a Japanese Shinto shrine gate that she saw in her travels. 
Last but never least is Trish's beautiful bird quilt which represents a favorite view from a window of her home.

I am very sorry I have no photo's of Neil's Whig rose  quilt or his black kimono, or Suzanne's eagle I hope that somebody will forward some to be posted soon.

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